Our Work

VISION 2020 UK will seek to provide a unified response on key issues affecting blind and partially sighted people. We facilitate engagement to create standards, improve quality and influence change in eye health and sight loss.

Strategic Aims

We will know our mission is fulfilled when there is:

  • Person centred, integrated care and support of the highest quality
  • No needless loss of sight
  • A seamless pathway for those who have lost sight
  • An equal opportunity to participate in society

Priorities 2016-2017

  • Promote collaborative working to effect change
  • Deliver an Integrated Care Pathway
  • Create a sustainable income model

There are five key documents which guide our work and these are: The UK Vision Strategy Outcomes; The Adult UK Eye Health and Sight Loss Pathway; The Children’s Eye Health and Sight Loss Pathway; The Sight Loss and Vision Priority Setting Partnership Report; and Seeing It My Way Outcomes.

Our Strategy and Priorities 2016-2017 and our detailed Action Plan can be found here